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Atty. Stephanie Williams is running for Judge – we need to ensure she is the clear victor on March 5th
Feb 29th, 2024

Attorney Stephanie Williams has earned your vote to be the next Judge of the Circuit Court, Division IV here in Nashville. This court is specially designated as a family court that handles adoptions, divorce, parenting time, child support and domestic violence cases.  Stephanie’s personal and professional experiences make her the perfect fit for this court. 

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Meet Stephanie J. Williams, candidate for Circuit Court Judge, District 20
Feb 12th, 2024

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Williams Announces Candidacy for Circuit Court Judge
June 26, 2023

Stephanie Williams has announced she is a Democratic candidate for Davidson County Circuit Court. She is running in a special primary election set for March 5, 2024, to replace Judge Philip E. Smith, who died in 2022. Williams has 20 years experience as a family law attorney. Her career began in the Law Office of Richard Manson. From there, she founded the Family Justice Center and represented hundreds of litigants at reduced rates. Most recently she served nine years as the special master of the court under Smith. Williams is one of three candidates vying for the Democratic nomination. In January, Gov. Bill Lee appointed Stanley Kweller to fill the seat until the general election on Aug. 1, 2024. Read online >

Stephanie Williams Announces Candidacy for Judge of Circuit Court 
June 22, 2023

NASHVILLE, TN, — Stephanie J. Williams has announced she is a democratic candidate for Judge of  Circuit Court in Davidson County, Tennessee, Division IV (commonly referred to as Fourth Circuit Court), in a special primary election that will take place March 5, 2024.  Williams is one of three candidates vying to complete the term of the late Judge Philip E. Smith, who died unexpectedly in September 2022. Williams’ candidacy is perhaps the most anticipated in the race. Read full article >

Nashville Bar Members Rate 20th Judicial District Circuit Court Applicants
October 13, 2022

The Nashville Bar Association today released results from its member poll on applicants being considered for the 20th Judicial District Circuit Court. Four hundred thirty five bar members responded to the poll that included applicants Tusca R.S. Alexis, Audrey Lee Anderson, Stanley A. Kewller and Stephanie J. Williams. Nearly 35% of members said they would “highly recommend” Williams for the position, followed by Kweller (20.5%), Anderson (3.5%) and Alexis (1%). Read full results from the NBA.

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